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How to Be Sure You Get the Right Door Locks

Having high-security door locks at all main entry points is good for you. It’s good for your security. It’s a must if you want the home insured. It’s the right thing to do for your family, especially if the neighborhood is not very safe. For the same reasons, it’s important to have the door locks replaced when they wear, when they cannot provide the expected security anymore. Or, when there are so many – much better – locks on the market that you cannot help but invest in new ones.

But choosing locks is not easy. It’s not easy whether you opt for a lock replacement or just moved in this house and want new locks installed. Why? Because not all locks are the same, neither the doors nor the security requirements.

Let’s see which factors you must consider to be sure you get the right door locks.

Which types of locks for which type of door

Is this a single-leaf door? Perhaps, a double-leaf door or a sliding door? Do you want a multiple-point lock system, a deadbolt? Assuming that we are talking about main entry doors, you need high-security locks. The most common locks for exterior doors are lever handle sets and knob locks. The best ones for higher security are deadbolts. And then, there are smart and keyless locks. Sliding doors may have a simple latch, but for enhanced security a multiple-point lock.

One of the main security considerations is the door. We never think about the door and focus our entire attention on locks. And that’s good, with the exception that a bad, hollow, or worn door will easily give way – much easier, much faster than the lock would do. So, it’s not only about which lock to get for which door but also if there’s a need to invest in a new door first before you go ahead with the lock installation.

Have you measured the door accurately?

Measuring the door/lock to decide which lock to get is not easy. You may need to rely on a local locksmith for that. Why? Because neither doors nor locks are the same. And you may decide to replace a simple lock with a deadbolt. For example, to measure a deadbolt, you need to measure the case depth – they are not all the same. Also, the backset. This is the distance from the lock’s face to the keyhole’s center. Then, you need to measure the case height. And finally, you must know the size of the deadlock’s faceplate.

Measuring deadbolts is not exactly the same as measuring sash locks, for instance. Sash locks have handle sets, which must be measured. Measuring locks accurately is of the essence so that the drilling (if needed) will be done right and the door will lock smoothly; it will provide security.

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