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5 Commercial Security Tips to Help Keep Your Business Safe

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Do you worry about the security of your commercial business? The good news is that there are active steps you can take to keep it protected!

Install Functioning Cameras

Many business owners install dummy cameras around their property. This might deter some criminals, but it doesn’t mean that the protection will last forever. Functioning CCTV cameras are useful beyond a scarecrow defense because if something does happen, you have evidence.

Utilize an Access Control System

What happens if you give out keys to all of your employees and come in one day to find the place trashed but no sign of break-in? Could it be a present employee? A past employee that made a copy of their key? You simply do not know. However, with an access control system, you can tell who enters the building, through what door, and at what time. That information and control gives you a leg up against potential issues.

Outdoor Lights

It is also important to install lights outside your business. Many crimes are committed at night under the cover of darkness. However, if you have bright lights surrounding the property and parking areas, you can deter criminal activity. You can also reduce the risk of slip/trip and fall accidents that might come with a costly lawsuit.

Use a Safe

Safes are essential for any business. They are great for keeping valuables and important documents secure from theft, fire, flood, or other natural disasters. If you do not have a safe at your business, you should get one installed and start using it right away!


You might not think an alarm is essential, but it is! Not just alarms on your doors to alert when someone breaks in, but also fire alarms and panic alarms. What you might not realize is that alarms don’t just protect from burglary and vandalism, they can also protect lives!

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